Pre-Release Notes for Alpha Anywhere (Alpha Five Version 12)

IMPORTANT: The pre-release builds are only available to customers with a valid Alpha Anywhere subscription. If your subscription has expired you will not be able to use the pre-release build.

If your subscription is valid and you download and use the pre-release build please keep in mind that if you do not renew your subscription after it expires your eligibility to use pre-release builds will end.







Build 5604-5242 22-JAN-2019 - 8:15 AM


The Features and Bugs Listed Below are for the current pre-release build. These features/fixes will be included in the next official Version 12 Update. These notes are for users who are testing the pre-release update.

This is not an official patch, so you should not deploy this update to a production environment.


This pre-release build is our internal, nightly build and it is made available to you for the sole purpose of testing the new features that have been added and the bug fixes that have been made since the last official release. We are making this pre-release available to you so that you can provide us with feedback on whether the changes we are making are working correctly and have not introduced new issues.


If you encounter any type of bug while using this pre-release build, please send information about the bug (including full instructions on how to duplicate the issue, and a test case that we can run on our own machines) to


Please do NOT post bug reports concerning the pre-release build on the message board. Alpha Software engineers do NOT routinely monitor the message board and there is a good chance that your posting will be overlooked. Also, since your posting will be referencing unreleased code, it will only serve to confuse other users.


This pre-release build is not intended to be used in a production environment.


You can download the pre-release update using these links:








UX Component - List Control - Action Javascript - List Control Actions - Refresh Data Action - You can now specify that when you refresh data in a List any server-side order and filter expressions that were applied by the user should be retained. To set this option, check the Preserve current filter/order property. If this property is not checked, then when the List data are refreshed, if the user has applied a server-side filter and/or order to the List, the filter and order are removed.


Build 5594

UX Component - Panel Navigator - onBeforeRemove Event - If a Panel Navigator is configured to use a TabBand to change the active Panel, a new Javascript event is available. The onBeforeRemove event will fire before a Panel is removed. Dynamic Panels can be removed from a Panel Navigator when the user taps on the close button in the Tab for the Panel. Panels can also be removed programmatically using the {dialog.object}.panelRemove() method. If the onBeforeRemove does not return true, the Panel is not removed.



NOTE: Your Javascript code can reference arguments[0] to get an object with information about Panel being removed.


UX Component - Javascript - {dialog.object}.panelRemove() Method - Allows you to remove a Panel from a Panel Navigator. You can either specify the Panel name or title. For Dynamic Panels, it is likely that you will only know the title and not the name.


{dialog.object}.panelRemove(panelNavigatorName, panel, type)



Build 5591

UX Component - List, ControlBar, ViewBox and FormView Builder - Javascript Functions - You can now import and export functions defined at the object level.

UX Component - ActionSheet - Events - The events now wait till the Action Sheet is closed before firing.


Build 5589

Desktop Applications - Browse - Toolbar and Menus - In some circumstances when you opened a Browse window, the correct menu and toolbar was not shown until you first gave focus to some other window and then returned to the Browse window.

Build 5591

UX Component - List Control - Kanban Layout - User Defined Edits to Kanban CSS - User edits to the system generated Kanban CSS were getting overwritten when the List definition was saved.


UX List with Detail View - Media Files - Errors Uploading Media Files  - If you have a List with a Detail View and the List has media files (pictures, audios, etc), then when you sync the List, in normal operation the media files get uploaded first and then once all media files are uploaded, the data is synced. If there were any errors while uploading the media files, the rows in the List that contained the media files with errors should not have been synced. These rows should have remained dirty so that on the next sync attempt, a second attempt would be made to upload the images.