Nightly Build Notes for Alpha Anywhere

IMPORTANT: The nightly builds (previously called the 'pre-release' builds) are only available to customers with a valid Alpha Anywhere subscription. If your subscription has expired you will not be able to use the nightly build.

If your subscription is valid and you download and use the nightly build please keep in mind that if you do not renew your subscription after it expires your eligibility to use nightly builds will end.


Build 7156- 5538 23 OCT 2020 - 8:36 AM


The Features and Bugs Listed Below are for the current nightly build. These features/fixes will be included in the next official Update. These notes are for users who are testing the nightly build.

This is not an official patch, so you should not deploy this update to a production environment.


This nightly build is our internal, development build and it is made available to you for the sole purpose of testing the new features that have been added and the bug fixes that have been made since the last official release. We are making this nightly build available to you so that you can provide us with feedback on whether the changes we are making are working correctly and have not introduced new issues.


If you encounter any type of bug while using this nightly build, please send information about the bug (including full instructions on how to duplicate the issue, and a test case that we can run on our own machines) to


Please do NOT post bug reports concerning the nightly build on the message board. Alpha Software engineers do NOT routinely monitor the message board and there is a good chance that your posting will be overlooked. Also, since your posting will be referencing unreleased code, it will only serve to confuse other users.


This nightly build is not intended to be used in a production environment.



Downloading the Installer

You can download an installer for the nightly builds here:

Download Universal Installer


Note: The Universal Installer can be used to install ALL products. These product are:

It can also be used to install current or prior builds of each of these products.

We suggest that after you download the Universal Installer, that you move the file to a folder on your hard drive that you can remember. That's because you will not need to download the Universal Installer again in the future. You can just run the Universal Installer from this location each time you want to update your nightly build. The Universal Installer will automatically update itself to a newer version if necessary.

IMPORTANT: The default install locations when you install from the Universal Installer's Available tab has changed.

(The comments do not apply to any updates that are run from the Universal Installer's Installed tab).


The new default install locations are:

Developer Edition:

    c:\program files (x86)\Alpha Anywhere

Application Server

    c:\program files (x86)\Alpha Anywhere Application Server

Application Server for IIS

    c:\program files (x86)\Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS


    c:\program files (x86)\Alpha Anywhere Runtime


The previous default installation locations were:


Developer Edition:

    c:\program files (x86)\a5v12

Application Server

    c:\program files (x86)\a5v12 applicationserver

Application Server for IIS

    c:\program files (x86)\a5v12 application server for IIS


    c:\program files (x86)\a5v12 runtime



Advantages of the Universal Installer

The Universal Installer has many advantages over the previous method of having separate installers for full installs and updates for each of the Alpha Anywhere products - Developer, Run-time, Application Server, Application Server for IIS. This was a total of 8 different installers, each of which was over 300MB in size. The Universal Installer is a single installer that replaces these 8 separate installers. Furthermore, unlike the stand-alone installers which install a single version of a single product variant, the Universal Installer can install current and older versions of all of the product variants.

Furthermore, the Universal Installer installs a product in a fraction of the time taken by the previous installers.


How to Install a Nightly Build

If you have previously installed a Nightly build (of any of the product variants) using the Universal Installer, the Universal Installer will display the install details on the Installed tab and you can simply click the Update button to install the latest Nightly build of that product variant.

However, if you have not previously installed a Nightly build using the Universal Installer, go to the the Available tab, select the product variant you want to install, click on the Version to Install link, select Nightly build from the Product to Install dropdown and set the install location. Then click the Install button




IMPORTANT: You do NOT need to download the the Universal Installer again if you have previously downloaded it. Simply run the previously downloaded Universal Installer.




UX Component - Circular Progress Display Displaying progress using a circular progress display A common requirement in many applications is to display progress for some task. The circular progress display is a very easy and attractive way to display progress.

In this video we show how you can add circular progress display controls to a UX component.

Watch Video
Download Component

Date added: 10-19-2020
Copy SQL Tables Copying tables from one SQL Database to Another In this video we show how you can copy SQL tables from one SQL database to another.

Watch Video

Date added: 10-20-2020
UX Component - Card Containers Using Card and CardNavigator Containers to Create Animated Transitions A common UI pattern in web applications is to create animated transitions between different content areas.

In this video we show how the CardNavigator container can be used to create flip and slide transitions between different content that has been wrapped in Card containers.

Watch video
Download Component

Date added: 10-22-2020





Pre-release Build - The pre-release build is now called the 'nightly' build.


UX Component - List Control - Calendar Layout - (This feature is still under development and requires a Feature Key in order to enable it. We are making an early version of the feature available so we can get feedback from the community). To request a feature key, go to Help, send an email to with "List Calendar Feature Key" in the subject.

The Calendar layout is a view of the data in a List See video:




Adobe PhoneGap - Since Adobe has discontinued the PhoneGap Build service, the PhoneGap menu button has been renamed to Cordova and the PhoneGap Project Settings dialog has been renamed to Cordova Project Settings. When this dialog is opened the App Build Target choices are now CLI and Ionic App Flow. The PhoneGap Build option has been removed. Both the CLI and Ionic AppFlow options are discussed in detail in the Alpha Anywhere documentation.




Build 7156

UX Component - Card, CardNavigator, CardHeader and CardFooter Container types - New container types have been added to make it easy to build UX components that display animated transitions between different content areas.

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You can either perform slide or 3D flip animations between content areas that are wrapped in Card containers.


This functionality is inspired by the Gmail login dialog, shown in the gif image below:

In the Gmail example shown above, a slide transition is used.

The content you want to animate must be wrapped in a Card container.

The CardNavigator container allows you to transition from one nested Card to another nested Card.

The Card and CardNavigator containers can both include headers and footers. These are added using the CardHeader and CardFooter containers.

CardNavigator containers can only contain nested CardContainers (and CardHeader and CardFooter containers)


To add a Card, CardNavigator, CardHeader or CardFooter container, select the [Container] item in the Data Controls section from the UX Builder toolbox.



Then select the container type from the dialog:


How to transition between Cards


To transition from one Card to another Card you use a JavaScript method. You can use Action JavaScript to define this code.

Select the CardNavigator Actions action.




The CardNavigator Actions current has two actions:

The image below shows the builder for the Navigate to card action.



The builder allows you to specify:






Card and CardNavigator Properties

Card and CardNavigator containers have three additional properties:




NOTE:  The center horizontally and center vertically options are only available if the Card or CardNavigator is not nested inside another container (such as a PanelCard, plain Container, etc.)



Centering a Card or CardNavigator in a PanelCard

It is quite common to want to center (both horizontally and vertically) content in a PanelCard. However the Card and CardNavigator options to center content are not available if the Card or CardNavigator is nested inside another container.

In the case of a PanelCard, you can use the PanelCard's Center panel contents property to center the content.





Copy SQL Tables - You can now easily copy SQL tables from one Database to another using a new utility in Alpha Anywhere.


Watch Video


To open the utility select the Tools, More.., Export from a SQL database to another SQL database menu command.


This will open the Export Database Tables to a Target Database dialog.



You can:


Once you have filled in all of the options, click the Copy tables to Target Database button.


This will open a progress dialog showing a list of all of the tables to be copied and it will show progress as each table is copied.



Build 7144

UX Component - Circular Progress Indicator - You can now display progress for an event using a circular progress indicator, as shown in the image below. The display of the progress indicator is highly configurable. For example, you can:


A genie is available to help define the appearance of the circular progress indicator and to generate the JavaScript to display the control.

To run the genie, go to the Interactive Window and type: a5wcb_circularProgressBuilder()


This will display the builder. You can set properties, see how the control will look and then when you are done, click the Show Javascript button to generate the settings and the Javascript.



You can also use Action Javascript to define a button or Javascript Action to display a progress indicator.

The Javascript action is: Circular Progress Indicator


Build 7092

Grid and UX Component - Advanced Search Control - Load Saved Searches - When you load previously saved searches, the available list of saved searches can be filtered to show all saved searches, or only those searches saved by the current logged in user, or only saved searches for the current logged in user's security group.

UX Component - Javascript Library - .copyTextToClipboard() - A new method has been added to the UX component's Javascript library to copy text to the clipboard.







//copy value from FIELD1 to the clipboard
var text = {dialog.Object}.getValue('FIELD1');


UX Component - List Control - Import - Two new properties have been added to the Import action for a list.

You can now auto-close the File-select window after the file has been imported.

You can now specify the name of a Javascript function to call after the upload completes. The javascript function takes a single argument - an object - which has these properties:






Build 7110

UX Component - Repeating Sections - Summary Values - Fixed an issue in computing summary values for a control in a Repeating Section if any rows in the Repeating Section had been deleted.

Build 7092

Grid Component - Detail View - Edit-combo - Fixed a regression when a Detail View contained an edit-combo control.


UX Component - PDF Viewer Control - The PDF Viewer control was not working in a published application. The reason was that the __a5_system\pdfjs folder was not being published. The work around is to put this folder (it can be found in the folder where the AA Developer version is installed) into the Project Folder before publishing your application.