Nightly Build Notes for Alpha Anywhere

IMPORTANT: The nightly builds (previously called the 'pre-release' builds) are only available to customers with a valid Alpha Anywhere subscription. If your subscription has expired you will not be able to use the nightly build.

If your subscription is valid and you download and use the nightly build please keep in mind that if you do not renew your subscription after it expires your eligibility to use nightly builds will end.


Build 7906- 5613 23 OCT 2021 - 11:21 AM



The Features and Bugs Listed Below are for the current nightly build. These features/fixes will be included in the next official Update. These notes are for users who are testing the nightly build.

This is not an official patch, so you should not deploy this update to a production environment.


This nightly build is our internal, development build and it is made available to you for the sole purpose of testing the new features that have been added and the bug fixes that have been made since the last official release. We are making this nightly build available to you so that you can provide us with feedback on whether the changes we are making are working correctly and have not introduced new issues.


If you encounter any type of bug while using this nightly build, please send information about the bug (including full instructions on how to duplicate the issue, and a test case that we can run on our own machines) to


Please do NOT post bug reports concerning the nightly build on the message board. Alpha Software engineers do NOT routinely monitor the message board and there is a good chance that your posting will be overlooked. Also, since your posting will be referencing unreleased code, it will only serve to confuse other users.


This nightly build is not intended to be used in a production environment.



Downloading the Universal Installer

IMPORTANT: A new installer (called the Universal Installer)  is used to install the nightly builds. To learn more about the Universal Installer, click here.


How to Install a Nightly Build

The Nightly build is installed using the Universal Installer. To open the Universal Installer, select the Help, Run Universal Installer menu command.

If you have previously installed a Nightly build (of any of the product variants) using the Universal Installer, the Universal Installer will display the install details on the Installed tab and you can simply click the Update button to install the latest Nightly build of that product variant.

However, if you have not previously installed a Nightly build using the Universal Installer, go to the the Available tab, select the product variant you want to install, click on the Version to Install link, select Nightly build from the Product to Install dropdown and set the install location. Then click the Install button





UX Component - Panel Navigator Pre-load Embedded Components in Panel Cards A common design pattern when building Web Applications is to use a UX Component with a Panel Navigator and child Panel Cards as the main controller for your application. Each of the Panel Cards might contain an embedded component. The embedded components are typically set to delay render till visible so as not to slow down the loading of the main controller UX. However, when the user gives focus to one of the Panel Cards, which causes the embedded component to load, you might want the embedded component to load instantly. This is now easily done by pre-loading the embedded components when the main controller component is loaded.

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Download component

Date added: 2021-10-20



UX Component - List Control - Calendar Layout - (This feature is still under development and requires a Feature Key in order to enable it. We are making an early version of the feature available so we can get feedback from the community). To request a feature key, go to Help, send an email to with "List Calendar Feature Key" in the subject.

The Calendar layout is a view of the data in a List See video:



UX Component - Panel Navigator - Panel Card - Embedded Component - Pre-load - You can now specify that Embedded Components in a Panel Card should be pre-rendered by making an automatic Ajax callback when the component is loaded. This means that when the user navigates to the Panel Card that contains the embedded component there is no delay while the component is run.


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UX Component - Action Javascript Map Actions - Plot route action - onGotRoute Event - A new event has been added to the Plot route action. The onGotRoute event fires once the route information is available.





Your code in the event handler can reference the routeData variable. This variable is an object containing information about the route as computed by Google Maps.

Typical use cases for this event include populating a List control showing the computed route data.




Web Applications - Security Framework - DBF Tables - If users and groups were stored in .dbf tables, then at publish time Alpha Anywhere would incorrectly display a warning that there were no defined users and groups for the project.

UX Component - List Control - In-place Editing - Fixed a regression if you turned on in-place editing for a List and you did not define any settings the for in-place settings (In-place editing settings property), you would get an error when running the component.

UX and Grid Components - Text Dictionary Tags - If a text dictionary tag was not found in the text dictionary table, it resolved as a blank value. Now it resolves to the key value.